Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life is Good

Does is make sense to back track over the past 6 months? Probably not. Maybe just the highlights...

We did have a great Christmas. We decided that instead of buying "things" for the big kids, we would plan for a special activity each month this year. We are at the point where time together is more important to us than having more stuff around the house. So far the kids and dad have gone to Funset Blvd. and also The Fire to create their own ceramic master pieces! We missed sledding in January because of icy weather, but that's okay. This month we will spend as evening at Tundra Lodge's water park in Green Bay. SO looking forward to the bathing suit! :)

Clara and Tommy each had a birthday, she is 11 and he is now 10. I cannot believe how time has flown by. Tom also had a birthday- but once he crossed that line of 40 he has quit talking about his birthday!

Baby Drew spent 2 days in the hospital due to some random virus that made it difficult for him to get enough oxygen while sleeping. He thought is was great- lots of extra attention. I almost had a meltdown (more than once), but we made it through and Drew is doing fantastic.

Emma and Drew continue to grow and change and amaze us daily. Emma talks non-stop (no, SERIOUSLY... Non-stop!), and Drew wanted to be walking yesterday. He works so hard to keep up with Emma and she works equally as hard to get herself and her things- mostly her things- away from him. She has Drew-dar, she can tell if he is within 2 feet of her and she will panic, gather up her toys. and move elsewhere while yelling at me to, "take Baby Drew somewhere else!".

We did have a wonderful Easter even though Emma got totally hyped up on sugar- my fault, not hers! The kids helped with Easter eggs and with a wonderful breakfast that Emma didn't eat because her tummy was full of marshmallow chicks and kisses. She did, however, eat three rolls at dinner ("Mommy, I LOVE roll!").

Up next is Spring Break with the little ones at home then Tom leaves for Vancouver B.C. for several days. There is always something going on around here, and I love it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Finally, October! My mom and dad flew in from Idaho to visit nearly 2 weeks. Dad had not met Drew yet so it was extra exciting! They were here for the tail-end of the flu, Halloween, and Drew's first teeth. On my day off we went to the NEW Zoo and Lambeau Field- both firsts for the kids. Sadly we are very short on photos from that day as my mom and I were both a little camera ignorant. Good thing we have great memories. Emma still talks about Grandpa and Grandma "Hidaho"... "Grandpa snores SO loud!". Not sure where she got that from.

We loved having Grandpa and Grandma here and can't wait for them to come back.

Emma was a jaguar (I think)
for Halloween and
Drew was a little
green monster.

Emma was not a fan of all the masks kids were
wearing and was done Trick or Treating after 3 houses.

(This is Cole and Tyler Sanofsky. Tommy opted out this year)
Luckily we partied that day with the Sanofskys' and they always have plenty of treats!


Back to school...
School supplies, routine, H1N1.
What a month!

No back to school pictures this year of the big kids. Tom was out of town for the big day. I know it broke his heart, Tom has never missed being with them on their first day back. Somehow Madeline became a Freshman at Little Chute High School, Clara is in her last year of Little Chute Elementary as a 5th grader, and Tommy is in 4th grade. I cannot believe that Madeline was younger than Tommy is now when I first met them!

Both Emma and Drew were down for about 2 weeks with the "flu". Drew's progressed to some Bronchitis/Croup mess that left him sounding like Darth Vader for about a month. Both kids were troopers, though. They played and smiled through it all, but I know Emma was ready to get back to her routine and see the Taylor's again.

The best part of September was Emma starting her music class at Heid Music. She loves the songs, the instruments, the teacher, and the new friends. I love watching the joy in her little face and body as she experiments with music. I know most parents like to think their children are gifted... but this little girl IS!

Playing with
before class starts

Rockin' the rhythm on her drum!

Sometime in August...

Once Baby Drew was blessed he decided it was time to grow WAY too quickly. He also learned that you can't go through life being so serious and he began to laugh and smile all the time. We have the cutest darn kids!

On the computer with Madeline. I think he is chatting with the E*trade babies.

Ok, maybe he still has a
few serious moments...

Enjoying a some sister time on the couch.
Just a hunch, but I am guessing
they are watching some "Charlie and Lola"!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Drew's Blessing

On Sunday, July 26th, Tom gave Drew his blessing. It was a wonderful day and we loved having Tom's parents and his sisters, Suzie and Nancy, here to experience this time with us. Drew was an angel during the blessing- we expected nothing less from him. He is still a very serious little man but that just makes his smiles that much more precious. We pray daily that he know how loved he is by his family and what a blessing he is in our lives.

Aunt Nancy and Aunt Suzie relaxing after a long day of church and lasagna!

Grandma Clifford entertaining the crowd.

Grandpa and Grandma Clifford's baby holding our baby!

Aunt Suzie and Grandpa Clifford at dinner the night before the big event.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tummy Time

There is nothing sweeter than a baby on his tummy!

8th Grade Graduation

I think we are all still in denial that Madeline will start high school in the fall.
Go Little Chute Mustangs!!!